HandiFoam P10709 2-7 Slow Rise Pour-in-Place

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Item Description

HandiFoam P10709 2-7 Slow Rise Pour-in-Place

Handi-Flow Pour-in-Place foams are polyurethane foams specifically designed to fill and insulate large voids and blind cavities. Handi-Flow products are dispensed using the patented Handi-Gun Dispensing Unit for accurate and precise applications. Handi-Flow Pour-in-Place Foams are available in a variety of sizes, from disposable kits to large refillable systems.

Handi-Flow Pour-in-Place Foams are chemically cured systems, engineered with a slower cure time than our spray foams allowing the foam to flow throughout the cavity to fill the entire void. In addition to insulating, Handi-Flow can be used to add structural support, provide buoyancy, prevent vibrations and deaden sound. Handi-Flow Slow Rise meets the Coast Guard requirements for floatation. Additional formulations for intricate mold filling or cinder block filling are also available. Typical applications include:
insulating refrigerated trailer floors and walls
strengthening vinyl and aluminum extensions
filling openings in boats and pontoons
filling blind cavities and narrow openings Slow Rise P10760 2-43 Features: Recommended for floating docks, buoy filling and boat floatation
Recommended for cinder block fill and simple mold filling
Not recommended for vertical or overhead applications because of slow curing time
Insulation R Value 5.9/Inch
Free Rise Density 1.75 LB/FT_ (28KG/M_)
In Place Density 2.0 LB/FT_ (32 KG/M_)
Coverage 43 Feet_ (1.24 M_)
Compressive Strength, ASTM D-1621
Parallel @ 10% 14 psi ( 97 kPa)
Perpendicular @ 10% 15 psi ( 103 kPa)
Insulates while eliminating air infiltration
Tack free within 60 - 90 sec.
Cuttable within 5 - 10 minutes
Don't forget extra nozzles. Anytime you stop spraying for 30 seconds or more, nozzles clog so YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR NOZZLE.

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