Simpson Strong-Tie ETILV22 Crack Repair Low Visc. Epoxy 22oz Cartridge w/ Nozzle

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Item Description

Simpson Strong-Tie ETILV22 Crack Repair Low Viscosity 22 oz Cartridge w/ Nozzle

Separate dispensing tool required (EDT22S)
ETI Injection Epoxies are specially designed formulations for the injection of cracks in concrete. ETI epoxies are two-component, 1:1 ratio, 100% epoxy solids formulations.
They are available in 22 ounce side-by-side cartridges and are dispensed through a static mixing nozzle using a manual or pneumatic dispensing tool. ETI is available in two viscosities: ETI-LV (low viscosity) and ETI-GV (gel viscosity) to handle a wide range of crack widths. Properly installed, they provide a repair that is both waterproof and high strength (structural).

-Chemically bonds with the concrete to provide a structural repair (meets the requirements of ASTM C 881 as a structural repair epoxy)
-Seals the crack from moisture, protecting rebar in the concrete from corrosion and flooring from moisture damage
-Formulated for maximum penetration under pressure
-Side-by-side cartridge dispensing provides reliable mixing and ratio control when used with the Opti-Mix static mixing nozzle
-Eliminates the need for expensive bulk dispensing equipment
-Suitable for pressure injection or gravity-feed applications
-Non-shrink material resistant to oils, salts and mild chemicals

ETI-LV Low Viscosity Injection Epoxy:
-Low viscosity epoxy (1790 cps) for repair of fine to medium width cracks 1/64" - 1/4" in width
-Low surface tension allows the material to effectively penetrate narrow cracks
-Suitable for structural repairs

Cartridge Size: ETI-LV Low-Viscosity Cartridge System, 22 oz.
Compatible Tools: EDT22S dispensing tool
Included: One EMN022 mixing nozzle provided with each cartridge
Storage Conditions: For best results, store between 45 F - 90 F. To store partially used cartridges, leave hardened nozzle in place. To re-use, attach new nozzle
Shelf Life: 24 months from date of manufacture in unopened cartridge

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