Simpson Strong-Tie EMNO22-RP6 Epoxy-Tie Optimix Crack Injection Nozzle 6ct

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Item Description

Simpson Strong-Tie EMNO22-RP6 Epoxy-Tie Optimix Crack Injection Nozzle (6/box)

The Opti-Mix static mixing nozzle is specifically designed for crack injection epoxies and ensures thorough mixing of epoxy components. For use with both low viscosity and gel viscosity ETI formulations. Flow regulators ensure that resin and hardener flow at equal rates and prevent mixed epoxy from flowing back out of the nozzle into the cartridge. This ensures thorough mixing and prevents mixed product from curing in the neck of the cartridge, causing blockage. Testing shows that mixing with the Opti-Mix nozzle is 4 times more consistent than a standard spiral mixing nozzle.

-For use with pneumatic, battery and manual dispensing tools.
-Half the length of standard spiral mixing nozzles, allowing easy access in cramped conditions and reducing waste.
-Barbed end allows easy attachment to the E-Z-Click injection fitting.

Note: When dispensing low viscosity material, using a standard spiral mixing nozzle and a manual dispensing tool, resin and hardener surge unevenly through the nozzle without being thoroughly combined. The result is poorly mixed epoxy that will not fully cure and will not effectively repair the crack. The Opti-Mix nozzle corrects this problem utilizing unique mixing elements and a fl ow regulator that allows the use of a manual tool with low viscosity epoxy.

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